Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Given the Chance

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with Christian people is that we rarely give God a chance to do His thing in our lives. I believe that God would love for us to trust Him more with the choices that we make in our lives. Also, I think that we should give Him a chance to conquer sin in our lives. It's been my experience that most people seek to deal with temptation individually. We think that we have the ability to outwit, outmaneuver, and outperform temptation with self-control, willpower, and knowledge. The truth is, Jesus is the only one to conquer temptation and defeat Satan. That's why it's foolish for us to attempt to battle temptation with our own strength. We must realize, humbly, that we are fleshly creatures with a tendency to live for ourselves - not God. He is the only one who can provide the holiness we need in order to effectively combat our spiritual enemy. We must give Him a chance. Until then we will continue to run on the treadmill of defeat and shame. Jesus proved His power on the Cross and offers His help to us in order that, like Him, we can be victors against the Evil one. We must give God a chance. We must give prayer a chance. We must give His Word a chance. He will prove Himself in His way and in His time if we allow Him. Give up on yourself and give in to Him.