Saturday, March 24, 2012

My own Psalms

This week I was asked to write some personal Psalms for a particular class I am taking. The assignment seemed simple enough: Compose two original psalms, one a Psalm of Praise and one a Psalm of Lament. Make these personal and genuine.

, at least it sounded simple on the surface. I as started writing, though, I found this to be a deeply moving exercise. I may sound a bit "cheesy," but I certainly think you might benefit by doing this yourself. Give yourself a chance to put the emotions of your heart on paper, pour yourself out to God through your pen.

At the risk of displaying the stench of my heart, I felt it oddly necessary to share one of my own Psalms, a Psalm of Lament:

Psalm of Lament

Why, O God, does my heart flutter and fail;
Why does my soul cry out in anguish?

I have sinned against You, my Lord;
With my deeds I have failed You again.

My sins, guilt, and shame torment my spirit;
I feel as though You are far away from sight.

My sins are like weights that crush my soul;
I am rubbish and dead by what I have done.

Why do I run in my own direction, apart from Your paths?
My ways are false, fruitless, and full of futility.

Your methods are pure and upright, leading to life abundant;
My schemes are selfish, evil, grotesque, and hypocritical.

Temptation beckons to my spirit, and pleads for my soul;
Sin calls out to me, luring my heart from Your ways.

How, O Father, have I come so far?
I am miles from the comfort of Your love.

I am ruined, yes destroyed, by my sin.
There is no life apart from righteousness.

Bring me back, merciful Forgiver, O gracious One;
Accept my wayward soul in spite of my wandering Heart.

Mercy and forgiveness are the things I seek;
Can there still be hope for one like me?

I plead and pray to You, to You alone;
You, yes only You, are my one true hope.

Be my Deliverer, my Rescuer, my Savior;
Be my Redeemer, Be my God.