Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year/New Push

This morning we had a really thought-provoking sermon in church from preacher Bill White. Of the many issues he discussed the one that really generated the most thought for me was the concept of self-accountability. Many Christian men and women are phenomenal "encouragers". In the New Testament one of Paul's close companions was a man known as Barnabas, which roughly translates as The Encourager. I am very grateful for those God has put in my life to give the extra push that keeps me going in the right direction. I hope that I never take for granted the Barnabas-type people in my life. Many of these are the ones who also are willing to ask me the uncomfortable or tough questions that help me stay grounded and humble in my walk. I need those questions and that brutal accountability. But what if these people, and their accountability, disappear? What happens to me and my spiritual health then? I have never really thought about this (and hope that it never actually happens). Realistically, though, it is possible to live without partner accountability. As Christians we are never without accountability. We must discipline ourselves to be accountable to ourselves and to God. A lack of partner accountability provides no excuse for lackadaisical living. God demands and deserves a devoted life. There has to be a point when a man determines in his heart to be accountable to himself and to his King. Ultimately we will all be required to answer for our own actions, and no excuse will be acceptable. We need to have a "holiness or bust" attitude that pushes us to chase after God's heart in spite of difficult, "accountable-less" circumstances. I am praying that with the onset of the New Year I would be driven to leave excuses in the garbage where they belong and pursue righteous living for myself and my King. Will it be great to have partner accountability? Absolutely. And I'll take every ounce of it I can get. But the bottom line is my new push will be to make myself accountable to myself.

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